• Coffee Scrub

Sinister Black Coffee Scrub-4oz

Moisturize : Exfoliate : Recharge with our Sinister Black Coffee Body Scrub. 

Exfoliate dead cells and tighten skin with the combination of coffee grounds, brown sugar, and sea salt. 

Soften skin with the moisturizing properties of Sweet Almond Oil. 

Awaken the senses and feel refreshed with the aroma of rich, dark roast coffee. 

When your body needs a little pick me up, our Sinister Black Coffee Body Scrub hits the spot every time. 

Ingredients: Dark Roast Coffee Grounds, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Sweet Almond Oil 

Directions: For best use, always apply in the shower. Using the included scoop, scoop out a handful of scrub and massage into wet skin in a circular motion. Avoid sensitive areas like the eyes. Rinse completely with warm water and pat skin dry. *Allergy test on a small area before using. 

$ 16.00