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Whiskey Bonfire Beard Oil-1oz

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Sometimes life moves so quickly, that you lose sight of the simple things. Times when you connected with friends and family circled around the warmth and glow of a bonfire. Whether you were sharing stories, drinking beer, eating good food, or strumming the strings of your favorite guitar, those mental images were painted and stored away. 

Introducing Whiskey Bonfire, a combination of sweet whiskey and the warm, smoky scent of a wood burning fire. 

When those flames dwindle down, and burn out, and there's nothing left, but ash and smoke, Whiskey Bonfire will bring it all back; because some things are worth holding onto. 

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Essential Birch Tar Oil, Essential Cinnamon Cassia Oil, Essential Frankincense Oil

Directions: Apply a dime size amount (4-6 drops) to skin and beard. If there's any left on your hands, just run your fingers through your hair. Use daily for best results. Although we use natural ingredients, we recommend allergy testing a small amount on your forearm before using.