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The Mountains Are Calling

The Mountains Are Calling

They often say the mountains are calling us home. But is it too far fetched to believe that they truly are — calling us? If you close your eyes and listen, you may be able to hear the whispers of the pines carried forth by the breeze or perhaps the messages they send with bird couriers chirping by us on a warm afternoon.

If you really listen, you can hear with clarity. If you've ever called the mountains home, you'll recognize the conversation. As the sun warms your skin, the wind lifts your beard, or you pick up on the scent of a spruce or a pine; there's magic in the solace that the deep forest and mountains bring you.

Even during a long commute to the city, or under the constraint of a 9-5, stuck between the walls of a cubicle, the adventurer always speaks that forest language. Its embedded into their DNA. There's something about bare feet against the cool earth; something about a hike into nowhere that opens you up to all of the possibilities of what life has to offer. It's those teachings you carry with you, whether valley or concrete jungle.

I think the uncertainty adventure brings truly makes you better. The willingness to continuously welcome risk creates strength and resolve in character. You rely only on yourself, your skill set, and the few trusted items in your pack; deep in the heart of the woodland, where temperaments predicted are at best, a guess. The noise of the world; the chaos; all silent here. The only thing you need to hear are the mountains, and yes my friend, they are always calling. -BW